Pro Staff

Pro Staff and Sponsorship Application

Do you believe in GoFish Lures enough to rely on it for your professional endeavors, and represent it in every way possible? Pro Staff and Sponsorships are limited availability positions for this industry's top professionals to represent our gear at the highest level. Whether it be tournaments, high profile guide outfits and outfitters, social media, television, magazines, etc. There's multiple ways to get on board our promotional team.

This program is extremely competitive to get into. Please prepare the most complete résumé you can to give us as much information on you and your professional fishing career as possible. Please fill out the form below to start the application process. We will review your information, and respond if we determine you are eligible for this position.

• Initial requests may be made by filling out the application below.
• I will review all submitted applications.
• All applicants must have a valid email address as part of their initial application
• Successful applicants must keep their information current, especially the email address.
• Pro Staffers are expected to “use” a product amount equal to $200 (retail price) annually.
• Priority consideration will be given to applicants who are from states in which we’re poorly
represented at present.
• Pro Staffers to process all of their orders via the online order system utilizing the Pro Staff code.

• All requests will be judged on an individual basis and will only be accepted via mail or email
• Our National Pro Staff Director will review all submitted requests.
• Show how this request benefits GoFish Lures.